This tutorial will help you using and understanding this library.

Create, load and save a map

Creating a new teeworlds map is pretty simple. You just need to create an instance of the Teemap class in our tml module. A gamelayer and a background quad will be automatically created for you. If you want you can load an existing teeworlds map with the load method and of course save them, you can give the path as the first parameter. The “map” fileextension is optional.

>>> from tml import Teemap
>>> twmap = Teemap()
>>> twmap.load('dm1_test')
>>> twmap.save('unnamed')
class tml.Teemap

Load a new teeworlds map from map_path.


Save the current map to map_path.

Accessing the data

You may wonder where you can find the different things of a teeworlds map. The order is similar to the order in the original teeworlds client. You have a list of groups, and in those groups a list of the Tile and Quadlayers and the Gamelayer (which is a Tilelayer with a special flag). Also there are three more lists with the images (image name and if it is embedded additional the image itself), envelopes and envpoints.

>>> from tml import Teemap
>>> t = Teemap()
>>> t.load('dm1_test')
>>> t.envelopes
[<Envelope>, <Envelope>, <Envelope>, <Envelope>, <Envelope>, <Envelope>]
>>> t.envpoints
[<Envpoint>, <Envpoint>, <Envpoint>, <Envpoint>, <Envpoint>, <Envpoint>, <Envpoint>, <Envpoint>, <Envpoint>, <Envpoint>, <Envpoint>, <Envpoint>, <Envpoint>]
>>> t.images
[<Image>, <Image>, <Image>, <Image>, <Image>, <Image>, <Image>]
>>> t.images[0].name
>>> t.images[5].name
>>> t.groups
[<Group>, <Group>, <Group>, <Group>, <Group>, <Group>, <Group>]
>>> t.groups[1].layers
[<Quad layer>, <Quad layer>]
>>> t.groups[6].layers
[<Tile layer (60x50)>, <Tile layer (60x50)>, <Tile layer (60x50)>, <Tile layer (60x50)>, <Tile layer (60x50)>]


class items.TileLayer(item=None, game=0, width=50, height=50)

Represents a tile layer.


Property for height.

This is necessarry to rearrange self.tiles corresponding to this value.


Property for width.

This is necessarry to rearrange self.tiles corresponding to this value.

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